I'm a lifelong Marylander and I first moved to Anne Arundel County 30 years ago. I've always been grateful for the fact that my older kids had the opportunity to grow up in this great county.  Attending Broadneck Elementary, Crofton Elementary, Crofton Middle and Arundel High School, my kids always had the benefit of a pretty good education.

But I think we can do better. I think Anne Arundel County Schools can not only be the best schools in the State, but they can and should be the best schools in the Country.

My platform rests on three pillars:



First, we need to find ways to better prepare ALL of our students for the workforce and higher education. This means not just those at the top of their class, but ALL students. This starts with finding ways to boost pre-K education in the county and ends with giving our students the skills they need to continue learning throughout their life.




Second, we need to recruit, train and retain the best teaching corps and faculty in the country. We need to give them professional development, we need to give them incentives for doing great work and we need to provide them with the best instructional tools available.



Best Practices

Third, we need to look beyond the ways we've built our school system in the past. We need to look around the country and around the world, identify those things that work and find ways to adopt the best of those practices right here in Anne Arundel County. We need to build sustainable systems backed by metrics and data, not just empty educational promises.




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